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Board of Directors:


Kevin Brown
E-mail bronttipersians@aol.com


Scott Renno
E-mail scottnearcincy@gmail.com


Jim Land
E-mail whiskerlan@aol.com


Lynn Staker
E-mail treasurer@himalayan.org

Board Member:

Kathy Durdick
E-mail durdick@ristokat.com

Other Contacts:

Membership Chairperson:

Lynn Staker
E-mail treasurer@himalayan.org


Kathy Durdick
E-mail webmaster@himalayan.org

Social Media Coordinator:

Becky Pelletier
E-mail social@himalayan.org

Cat Tracks Editor:

Becky Pelletier
E-mail heartsongcats@gmail.com

Cat Walk of Recent Grands:

Kathy Durdick
E-mail grands@himalayan.org

Breeder's Hotline:

Geri Fellerman
E-mail dfyre@aol.com

Under the Mentor's Wing:

Lynn Staker
E-mail mentoring@himalayan.org

Regional Representative Coordinator:

Lynn Staker
E-mail stakerl@aol.com
(See regional rep duties/guidelines)

Winn Memorial Fund:

Joan Miles
E-mail angelpawshimalayans2009@yahoo.com