Top CPCs in Premiership :: 2010-2011 show season

Best CPC in Premiership

Best CPC in Premiership

Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Regional Winner
Tanglebox Periwinkle of Tamarakatz

Blue-Cream Spay

(GC, RW Tanglebox's Hot Rod Lincoln x
CH Tanglebox's Gamay Beaujolais, DM)

Breeder: Belinda L. Ernest
Owner: Kathy Durdick, Tammy Roark

2nd Best CPC in Premiership

2nd Best CPC in Premiership

Grand Premier
Dal-Bo's Betty Boop of Pataron

Black Spay

(GC, NW Dal-Bo's Sealed With A Promise, DM x
GC, RW Dal-Bo's Farideh)

Breeder: Harold-Diane Boettcher
Owner:Pat Milligan

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