Our "Point" of View

The Atlantic Himalayan Club is a CFA affiliated club, dedicated to preserving and promoting the Himalayan. The club publishes an International quarterly magazine called CatTracks - more information can be found on the publications page.

Membership in the Atlantic Himalayan Club includes a subscription to CatTracks magazine. Associate members are always welcome - see our membership page for details and rates.

In addition to our publications, at the end of each show season (May 1 - April 30), the Atlantic Himalayan Club presents awards to the top cats of the season.

Looking for a Himalayan cat or kitten of your own? Our breeder's list contains a listing of our members in the United States, Canada, and overseas who are online, with links to e-mail and web pages.

Interested in getting started in the world of pedigreed cats, either breeding or showing? If you are a member, please fill out our mentoring application, and we'll do our best to help match you up with an experienced person to help with your questions!